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Explore the depths of mental health, emotional wellness, mindset, and personal development with 'The Therapy Show with Lisa Mustard.' Hosted by Lisa, an experienced marriage and family therapist, this podcast is a treasure trove of insights for both mental health professionals and individuals seeking personal growth. Delve into a wide array of topics, from understanding attachment styles and mastering therapeutic techniques to fostering personal growth and building emotional resilience.

This podcast is an invaluable resource for therapists seeking to broaden their perspectives and individuals on a quest for improved mental health and well-being. Engage in enriching conversations, listen to expert interviews, and gain actionable advice. Lisa seamlessly connects professional practice with personal healing, offering a deep dive into the complexities of the mind and heart.

Throughout the podcast, we tackle crucial questions such as:

  • How can different attachment styles impact relationships?
  • What are the most effective therapeutic techniques today?
  • How can individuals foster personal growth and emotional resilience?
  • What strategies can therapists use to enhance their practice?
  • How does mindset influence mental health and personal development?

Selected episodes also provide continuing education contact hours, helping you to elevate your professional skills and transform your client interactions.

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Jun 21, 2023

In this episode I'm sharing the 5 reasons you need to have an email list - seriously this is one of my favorite topics because without an email list, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

But before we dive in, I want to share a personal experience from last week.

Last week we were in Orlando Florida for a volleyball tournament, and I rarely checked social media. It was so nice to disconnect from the noise and distractions of social media. So nice in fact, it’s been hard for me to log back on now that we’re back home.

During this social media hiatus, I sold a few podcourses and connected with some potential guests. I only posted on social media one time.

Whenever I step away from the constant scroll and swipe,  it allows me to truly immerse myself in the world of email marketing, creating meaningful connections and nurturing relationships with my subscribers.

This reminded me of the incredible potential we have to connect with our audience on a deeper level, beyond the surface-level engagement of social media algorithms. Email provides a serene and intimate space where we can share valuable content, insights, and offers that truly resonate with our subscribers.

So, let's embrace the wisdom gained from my own vacation experience. Let's explore the fantastic reasons why having an email list is not just a marketing strategy, but a profound means of building authentic connections with our audience.

Listen to the episode to hear the 5 reasons you need an email list. 

If you like this topic, then grab my list of 50 ideas for therapists to generate more income. In the email series I also cover ideas of how to grow your emal list, what types of lead magnets work to grow your list as well the mindset you need to cultivate when stepping outside of the therapy room and pivoting your skill set. 

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