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Explore the depths of mental health, emotional wellness, mindset, and personal development with 'The Therapy Show with Lisa Mustard.' Hosted by Lisa, an experienced marriage and family therapist, this podcast is a treasure trove of insights for both mental health professionals and individuals seeking personal growth. Delve into a wide array of topics, from understanding attachment styles and mastering therapeutic techniques to fostering personal growth and building emotional resilience.

This podcast is an invaluable resource for therapists seeking to broaden their perspectives and individuals on a quest for improved mental health and well-being. Engage in enriching conversations, listen to expert interviews, and gain actionable advice. Lisa seamlessly connects professional practice with personal healing, offering a deep dive into the complexities of the mind and heart.

Throughout the podcast, we tackle crucial questions such as:

  • How can different attachment styles impact relationships?
  • What are the most effective therapeutic techniques today?
  • How can individuals foster personal growth and emotional resilience?
  • What strategies can therapists use to enhance their practice?
  • How does mindset influence mental health and personal development?

Selected episodes also provide continuing education contact hours, helping you to elevate your professional skills and transform your client interactions.

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Dec 20, 2023

Today I have a special guest who's not just a fitness expert but a beacon of motivation and a true friend. Joining me is Laura Jones, a certified strength and conditioning coach, a former competitive cheerleader, and a passionate advocate for the transformative power of exercise on both physical and mental well-being.

In this episode, Laura shares her experiences in training a diverse range of clients, and her insights into the importance of resistance training for mental health. We'll explore how the simple act of going to the gym can build confidence, foster community, and improve overall life satisfaction. Laura's unique perspective on fitness as a form of ministry and her approach to coaching beyond just physical training will surely inspire you.

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast, someone looking to start their fitness journey, or just curious about the intersection of physical and mental health, this episode is for you. So, grab your headphones, get comfortable, and let's dive into a conversation that's all about strength, resilience, and the joy of movement with the incredible Laura Jones.

You can learn more about Laura here. Follow her on Instagram. Send her an email.

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